Week of Inspiration ::: Day Two ::: Light.

If you happen to read this and you do not know what the Week of Inspiration is: You are dearly invited to participate during the first week of June! Have a look here.



A light. A light for KnittingSyren. And a light for all of us.

Today, I light a candle for KnittingSyren and I am sending you wishes.

Wishes that your dreams may come true.

Wishes that you know your dreams.

Wishes for your health.

You are alive. You are here. I am so glad that you are here!!!

It means a lot to me to meet people all around the globe, to get to know each other, to learn –- oh yes, to learn! There is so much to learn and to share. I think diversity is the main cause for creativity. Nothing’s the same, ever, there is never the same context, the same circumstances, the same brain. But we all have a heart. And we feel. And we remember. And we can meet as equals and tell each other our different stories.

So, my final wish for you: diversity and love. You see, we are leaving our comfort zone – again ;).

I have a small request of all of us. Take a bit of your time today to light a candle. Send your own wishes to Knittingsyren and light another candle for yourself. You have read right.

It is all about light, this Tuesday.

How does the light in your surrounding look like? Think of any kind of light (sun, fireflies, lamps, candles, light bulbs because of new ideas, …). Take your time to explore the different lights and shadows in your day, from morning to night. Why night? Oh, the starlight. The STARLIGHT. If you happen to have time and a cloudless night today (or this week), go out and look at the stars. Perhaps on your balcony. Your porch. Your garden. Outside of a café.

  1. How does light make you feel? How do your feelings change during the day? What does light mean to you?
  2. Which sort of light is your favorite one? Is there a certain place connected to that light? Describe it as clearly as you can and use all your senses:
  • How does it look like?
  • How does it smell?
  • Is there a certain taste connected to it?
  • Are there other people?
  • What do you hear?
  • What/who would you like to touch in this light?

There are no RULES how much or how less you want to go into details, of course. But if you want to get another perspective additionally: ask your partner/best friend/family/neighbor which light they do like best and why…

I send you light into your Tuesday, dear hunters-for-inspiration <3!






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