Week of Inspiration :: Day Six :: Moving.

Dear fellow-hunters,

tomorrow is our last day. So all what’s left to do it get you moving. Why? Because you have picked out a lot of things this week. You have thought about a lot. You have felt. You have remembered. You have dreamt. For today, I want you leave this all behind and move on to the unknown future. I hope you all have a bit more time for this today (weekend).

I love watching my feet when they are moving. Funny thing, this. I love to see them slide over the ground, to feel every step. Sometimes I concentrate so hard on feeling my feet moving that I forget to pay attention to my route. And that is surprisingly fun. Sometimes my feet take the lead to a path that I could dreamwalk on because I know it so well. Sometimes they take me to a place I have never been or just have been once. I open my eyes to the scene they have taken me and I am astonished:

My feet know the way and know where I will feel well and comforted.

Because I moved without thinking and planning.



And often I find surprising things there like

  • children in the playground laughing out loud,
  • the sincere song of a bird,
  • a beautiful shop I have never recognized,
  • an amazingly shaped giant root of a tree,
  • daisies.

You might know what to do today…

Take half an hour of your time today (if you can – or perhaps on Sunday?). Let your feet take control. Mr. Feet Left and Mr. Feet Right will take over for just a couple of minutes. Get them moving. Watch them (but please be careful in traffic. Don’t want you to get hurt!). Let them choose direction and speed. Move. Move. Move. Until your feet want to rest (no-oo. You do not have to walk a couple of hours!!). This is unplanned. This is unknown territory. Remember the quote of the comfort zone? You may be leaving it right now again. We tend to prefer having control. We love to do lists and firsts and lasts. That’s your head talking. Your feet have been silent much more often. They deserve to have a go, too :).

You are somewhere. Sit down, kneel down, stand and look from very high above down at the scene (if possible. Use a nearby stairway. Go up to the upper hill side of a road. Look out of a window). Just try to change your perspective on the scene. Take now your journal, paper sheet or your camera and look around for things that are

  1. new to you
  2. you might never have recognized in detail
  3. funny
  4. awe-inspiring for you.

Perhaps you ask a passer-by if they know something about this place historically. Perhaps you are before a house (a museum? A public building?). If you have time and your feet want to – do enter.

Take some notes/pictures. No limits. No rules, you know.


Tomorrow we will do a puzzle. Last day.


Hugs to you all.




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