Week of Inspiration ::: Day Seven ::: No doors.

Last day today, guys. Last day. This was a week packed with a lot.

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You possibly found some things amusing, inspirational, fun. And some were just a nice read without anything more. That is good. Everyone has its own personal preferences (hi, diversity!), so it was totally up to you what you would do with the posts I threw into the world wide web air. I hope you have caught some epiphanies for your personal treasure box!!!

You might wonder what to do with the little snippets you have written down in your journal or maybe just in your brain.

All those are not precise and clear. You do not have a finished handcraft design (or do you?). But you have a lot to play with.

  1. We started with BEGINNINGS and how shaken and fearful they can be – but also awe-inspiring and doors to new worlds!
  2. We moved on to the LIGHT in our lives, the physical light and also the light in ourselves. Just have to tell that here now: My husband is one of the lights in my life. THANK YOU!!!
  3. On Day Three we listened to our favorite SONG and just went along with the impressions and emotions it wakes up inside of us. Out into our daily life and in search for the goodness of living.
  4. Then it got SPICY and our tongues told us stories and images of our taste-experience… Where have your taste led you to?
  5. Ah, our NOSE. You got permission to daydream with all your senses and with the help of imagining a smell.
  6. Saturday and out to the streets. MOVING. Not thinking. Sleepwalking you may call it. Your feet were the masters (of this little universe)!

And what do we do today? I will give you some impressions of how our brain works. You collected and remembered a lot – regardless of how and where and how much – this week. I tried to wake up some things that WERE ALREADY IN YOU. We have all we need in us. All to be utterly creative. But what we do without any thinking and purpose is: we connect. Our brain does these amazing magical jumps from one thing to another and we cannot grasp the possibilities it bears. That’s it. That’s what makes me so restlessly searching for more and more of this inspirational input because – who knows? Perhaps I discover that I can dance on a rope (this is not likely but – who knows?).

photo credit: gelund via photopin cc

I will share with you how my brain works:

This week I read all your comments and my own posts and I went into my days with eager senses. I re-found many things that I know I love but that lay dormant in all those little lower drawers in my brain. For example starlight and how it makes me feel big and small. Today I imagined myself lying under the stars (daydreaming ;)) and I saw KnittingSyren performing Habanera. And I was totally in awe. And I knew I would have to write about that or put it into my novel or knit a lace stola in blood-red just to catch this feeling. And regardless of what I will do with this daydream, it made my day inspirational, sparkling, a pleasure to live!

And this is the last thing I want to sent to you with love because you are unique and a world of your own:


photo credit: jenny downing via photopin cc

There are no closed doors. There is no end.  Behind every obstacle you step on your journey there is something behind. It is a surprise. It might be magical. And it is waiting for you.





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