Week Of Inspiration::: Day One ::: Beginnings.

If you happen to read this and you do not know what the Week of Inspiration is: You are dearly invited to participate during the first week of June! Have a look here.



Every beginning is kind of difficult. Something new. Something unexpected. Touching the undiscovered countries of a new process, of a new material, of a new course can be quite unnerving. I would love to have a sign occasionally right before my eyes when my knees get wobbly, my selfconfidence is shattering and I have just a bunch of question marks in my head. Nothing else. The sign would say:

comfort zone

Is it the same for you? This week will be a bit of a surprise for you (and me). So — you are not alone. We are all playing together something new!

That is already my keyword for you today: beginning.

(…) for each beginning bears a special magic that nurtures living and bestows protection.

Hermann Hesse.

Beginnings sometimes happen to be planned (as a marriage, a school change, a queue on ravelry, taking a new language course, buying a house). Sometimes they are completely unpredictable and take us by surprise. I remember the first time I was recorded for a video, presenting something to my fellow students. Adrenaline. Pure adrenaline. I loved the moment it was over — and I loved to see how my fellow students reacted and the feedback I got afterwards! The first time I knitted lace. Joy! It was like I had never known that beauty can be hidden in a mess. The first time I touched 100% fine merino. Smooth, shimmering, warm, gentle to the skin.

There are beginnings that let you shudder and there are beginnings that win you over instantly. Something inside of you wakes up. Takes the lead. Makes connections to your past and your present. Your brain cells are playing “Who can jump higher?”.

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

Let’s jump higher today. This is my question for you:

Today you will touch many things with your hands and skin. Things that you often touch. Things in your familiar surroundings. But also things at new places perhaps (anyone travelling right now?). Pencils, door knobs, books, clothes, needles, brushes, fences, floors, yarn, grass, shoes, phones, bells, light switches… Hold it for a moment.  Just a moment. How does it feel like?

  • Is it smooth, raw, hard, soft, titillative?
  • Do you like to touch it?
  • Does it remind you of something which you really loved to do or to experience?
  • Does it mean something very important for you because it happened to be a part of a wondrous beginning? Has it even changed your life?

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

Sometimes a stone makes waves. So if this special touch suddenly reminds you of something totally different – go with it. There are no rules which ideas and associations are to be thought about and to keep. NO RULES!

Go hunting in your memories and take notes of anything that comes to your mind during the day (if possible). Collect some things for reminding you of your thoughts. Just take half an hour in the evening and scribble/paint/glue/type it down.

This is a beginning for me and I am totally excited (and nervous)!!! By the way, as I am typing —- the keyboard is a thing of upmost importance for me and my life… Okay. Up into our day.


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One Response to Week Of Inspiration::: Day One ::: Beginnings.

  1. ekaterin4luv 2. June 2014 at 12:09 #

    Long ago, when I was a teenager, I visited Oxford during the summer. I don’t think I had ever seen so many bicylces before. Imagine old narrow streets, maybe even some puddles of water, slippery cobblestones, and lots of bikers on the street. And in the middle a tourist bus from Italy with a sign in the back window: Sorry, first time here.
    Can you just hear that slightly panicing voice?
    Sometimes I (still) feel that way.
    All beginnings are terrifing and the sad truth is, if you never start, you will never know if it could have been the start of something beautiful or terrifying.
    Today I will start in a new fitness club, new people, unfamiliar surroundings, new routines, but maybe also the start of a new attempt at getting down my weight and feel better. That doesn’t sound so terrifying? Probably not. But sometimes it is.Staying is easy, going is hard, but maybe a beginning, not only an end.

    I know, not really inspirational for knitting – at least I don’t think I will knit myself some sweats or tight shorts sometimes soon – but that was my first thought to beginnings.
    I never had problems casting something on, my real problem is that I start too much and get overwhelmed or bored too easily.

    So what did I touch today?
    I love books, I love reading, and as much as I’m happy about my ebook reader, I just love the feel of a real book. It’s a comforting wheight, I’m in control, and my mind slips into different worlds and new ideas easily. Here, the beginning ist not the hard part, it’s the leaving of the make believe world, the end. I remember that I was fascinated by the book title as The Neverending Story came out, and sad to know or realize that even that heavy book came to an end – and rather too quickly at that.

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