Week of Inspiration ::: Day Four ::: Spice.

If you happen to read this and you do not know what the Week of Inspiration is: You are dearly invited to participate during the first week of June! Have a look here.


An explosion. An explosion of taste. That was my very first Chai Latte I got at one of my favorite cafés in town. It was irresistable. Creamy. Soft. Sweet. Spicy. I had cinnamon, pepper and anise running throught my veins. My brain cells: „Check that out! Some kind of amazing overloading fuel! Stored.“ I imagined myself sitting in an exotic place full of golden light around me, purple, pink and teal patterned walls around a walnut wood table. Low voices around me. A sitar playing. I felt – changed. In a different world.



This Chai Latte was really my first – at the Rösttrommel. It made my day.

Everytime I eat rice pudding I am deep into my childhood. Those round grains on my tongue. With apple purée. And sugar/cinnamon. There it is – cinnamon. One of my favorite spices!


Thursday is „my world of taste“ – day!

Today, you will eat breakfast, supper, afternoon tea, dinner, during breaks… Perhaps you are able to eat in a restaurant today. Enjoy every bit. Every single bit.

  • What of the ingredients you are eating are you able to recognize? How do they taste?
  • Do you have a favorite one? Something that makes you smile everytime you taste it? Something you use frequently in the kitchen?
  • Why? How does it make you feel?

Try to imagine a picture of your taste-experience (as I described above my wow!-experience with the Chai Latte ;)). Cling to this image. Find things in your daily life which fit nicely into this image. I would perhaps collect white stones –- because they would look lovely on the walnut table. Or a lily.


I am imagining a hot ginger soup right now (because I am really freezing – I am writing these lines during a sewing group meeting, the windows open). Must go to our local greengrocer. Now. Bye :)!




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