Week of Inspiration ::: Day Five ::: Dear nose.

Today you have the special permission to daydream. (You might do it everyday and I strongly recommend doing it  — it is good for your health!). But today, daydreaming is a bit of a must.


Because it is soooo difficult to daydream a smell. But it is so easy to daydream because of a smell. We will be diving deep into smell today. I have not many favorite smells, it seems to me. Just a few and that’s because of some very special places I have been. Places which are dear to me.

For years I have been travelling to the North Sea. With my parents, camping. When I want to daydream about my perfect holiday, I just have to sit down, close my eyes and try to remember the salty and clear smell of the ocean. And once I got there, once I shut out everything around me, I AM there. I feel the wind in my hair, pulling and pushing me, the pure and wet sand under my bare feet and how it slowly slides. Grains of sands, millions of them, bouncing on my skin. Endless. Horizone. Water. Waves. Crushing. Swelling and ebbing away. A happy place for me.

Do you have a smell which  reminds you of your happy place?

You have? Great!! You don’t know the smell but you have a happy place anyway? Again: great!! Then here it is:


  • Imagine the most prominent | your favorite smell which belongs to it. And then – go with it. Breath. Smell. And see.
  • If you are not able to imagine a smell (which is really rather difficult sometimes) – imagine the place in pictures, movements, noise, taste, touch – and THEN try to smell it. The other way round. What do you smell?
  • Try to describe your happy place as if you would try to explain it to a child who does not know it at all and needs YOU to understand it.

This happy place of yours, whereever and whenever it may be, will be now connected with that smell. Trust me. And everytime you are in need of a personal break or you need to clear out all the chaos around you or you want to meditate as a preparation for crafting, creating and your daily life: think of that smell. Go to your happy place. For seconds. For minutes.


Another thing I really cannot get enough of smelling is fresh cutted grass…. Something to write down in my journal!!!

Dear nose, I am your faithful servant today. Lead me on and make me happy.






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