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My lovely hats

Dear readers, roles in my designer life – there are quite a lot. I imagine them as different hats that I put on for switching myself into and out of different roles – it is hard to concentrate on doing a specific work when you constantly see at it from different angles at the same […]

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Color it!-along: A short summary.

Dear knitters and sewers and followers, a high-time of creativity, adrenaline and fun (oh yes, so much fun!) is nearly over. My project for the diy-blogger contest is finished and all that is left to do is now: a short summary for you and me. In December, 2013 I saw a facebook info about a blogger […]

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Next P&N serie: Roles in our designer life

A new month and a new topic… This is a topic you all may be interested in – I was overwhelmed by it when I thoroughly thought it through. It is something we tend to underestimate in the beginning of designing and we soon grow to be afraid of (but there is help!): “I thought […]

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Learning by Running Around

Dear learners, I embrace any chance of learning. Anywhere. Learning is the source, the origin, the food of my creativity. I love exploring textures and colors :). How do I learn? Furthermore, what is that, learning? My personal definition: Learning is achieving a new level of knowledge. Everbody has its very own way of learning. […]

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Katerin, where did you come from?

Dear lace-knitters, I am shawl-that-soothes-fairytale-beauty-shoulders. My designer calls me Katerin. She seems to be happy with that – but you now know my real name. If you want to understand my origin, you should read a special fairytale – the Brothers Grimm collected a story about a young girl, her stepmother, her stepsisters, doves, slippers […]

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Welcome, Marilla.

Dear kindred knitters, perhaps you are a fan of Anne of Green Gables. Perhaps you love knitting shawls. Perhaps you want a bit more warmth than a lace shawl can provide. Perhaps you are a kindred soul! Marilla. Shoulder shawl. Leaves. Knit it. This is Marilla. I tried to convince her to introduce herself. The […]

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I am finally coming home.

It is cold outside and I am snuggling into my warm blanket, my mac on my lap. Guys, what is it I should be writing about? Why I design and how I finally got there? This includes some serious personal insights which I am about to share with you. Just keep this in mind when […]

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Designing and struggling

Some days ago, I struggled with facebook and pages. Epiphanies seldom knock. But this time – as I was writing and sharing first posts – it came to me quite naturally: Designing has a lot to do with struggling. With yourself, mostly. With the materials, notions, software and pattern writing, wording and construction. Why don’t […]

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