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Dear creators,

I started sketchnoting. Sketching is something I always loved to do, just pencils, paper and me. But that is TWENTY years ago… So I thought – as I am currently offering a Week of Inspiration on my blog – a new beginning might be the right thing to get utterly creative. Again. Sigh. Love this so much.

Okay. What I was practicing in the last seven days:

  • sketching with my new drawing tablet
  • sketchnoting in my moleskine journal
  • working on a new website
  • trying out to spin on a spinning wheel
  • writing lyrics
  • a new knitting design (just in my head)
  • singing the Rocky Horror Show
  • writing in general and on my novel

Good week, I would say. And it still goes on.

I want to hug the world today. Prepare yourself, world.


P.S. And here you can see my first sketchnotes. I did each of them in a quarter of an hour in the evening to sketch all my inspirations and thoughts of my week of inspiration.

Week of Inspiration

This one I sketched just out of my belly. Did not think much in the meantime. Perfect resemblance of my inner landscape.


This one is a bit too much out of order. But nevertheless, it was fun.



 This was Day Two. Topic: Light. Love it very much – tried to give it a shape before I really started to insert details. I concentrated on typography. 



girl-quadrat girl2First sketches with my intuos tablet. Marker, edding and pencils are working and I worked for the first time with layers. I started with a fast pencil sketch and later on I did the left simple marker lined face and added the sketch as a layer (right picture).



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