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Dear readers,

a happy New Year! This could be a Year of Change.

I wish you all ideas, ideas, ideas. Curiosity. And foremost joy in creating beautiful unique things. It is so wonderful to see something come into being out of a meager hunch. Please delve into that and make your 2014 a Year of Creativity!


A straw star on our traditional german christmas tree

A new month, a new topic! We will soon be blogging about how we learn – as a designer, as an artist. Starting on January, 13th.

How we motivate us to never stop learning. Methods. Skills. Tools. Inspirations. Sources. Oh, there is so much to write about that! I love learning, by the way. Curiosity is a powerful source pushing me on and on and on. But more to that in my post.

Designing involves life-long learning.

What do you think about that?  You are very welcome to follow along and share your thoughts with us :).





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