My Valentine’s day is about slowing down.

Dear creative people all around the world,

a happy Valentine’s day! Shall I tell you what my Valentine’s day is about? Not about commercial things, flowers, sweets and such things – because all of these things can be given to a person easily on any other day of the year. What is the greatest gift I can give?

spiralIt is” time”. Time seems to be always short. But time is always appreciated by anyone. Time seems to unleash astonishing things in me and others as well. Today I want to gift you and myself some of my time and talk to you.

Some days ago I was in a creative crisis. I knitted a bit. I frogged. I knitted. I frogged. My thoughts went in spirals up and down but not out. Crying was an option, too. Nothing was right, everything seemed to be weird, unconnected, in distance. Like living in a bubble and all the nice good thought, ideas and happenings flying by without any possibility to touch them with your hands. There was only “Why? Why? Why?” echoing in my head. I call this my “creativity crash-downs”. Usually they are a signal of being so very stressed that I am not able to recognize all those little signs my own body is shouting at me.

Yesterday, someone recognized that I was probably teeth grinding. My throat was hurting and I could not easily lift my head up. I was stunned. My body has really told me to slow down and I had (un)successfully ignored it. And again this is all about time. I invested too much time into all my projects and I have forgotten to take time to nourish myself. Which is just as fundamental. When there is only acting, acting, acting,  it is like digging an empty hole into myself. The faster I get the less satisfied and creative and the more grumpy I am.

My Valentine’s day is about slowing down and recognizing how much I have lost, forgotten and overseen in the last days of me and my beloved ones. There is no need to hurry. I always have to repeat this to myself. Hurrying makes me dizzy and unfocused. Today I will take time for

  • a nice and romantic talk with my husband, including admiring and trying out his very new and old pocket watch. This is what I will gift to him.
  • drinking chai tee. Naturally brewed on the stove. With honey and milk.
  • playing playmobil with my sons.
  • knitting a bit but not with a goal.
  • Yoga. This evening. All on my own.
  • going early to bed and taking time for sleeping and recovering.

That is enough. Now I have to smile :). It seems like a Valentine’s holiday gift for myself and my family doing this!

I wish you all time for nourishing and supporting yourself as well as your beloved ones today.





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  1. ekaterin4luv 14. February 2014 at 13:27 #

    This morning I talked with one of my coworkers about Valentines Day.
    Isn’t it a bit troubling that there is a special day to tell your loved ones that you love them? Why only today? It’s not enough just one day out of the year.
    Why, if your beloved forgets, does it actually mean that he/she doesn’t love you?
    I don’t expect to get flowers today, my husband actually surprises me other times during the year, not regularly but that is a lot more special than the flowers or choclate by rote.
    (Well, it could be that I get some kind of cake or something like that – my husband is a baker after all ;-)
    I hope you have a good time today with your family.

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