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Dear readers,

roles in my designer life – there are quite a lot. I imagine them as different hats that I put on for switching myself into and out of different roles – it is hard to concentrate on doing a specific work when you constantly see at it from different angles at the same time. This is one thing I have learned the hard way during my first year of designing:

You must learn to focus if you want to finish.

May I introduce my different “hats”  to you? They are all quite nice but have different abilities and characteristics – or may I say personalities?? And I will always talk about the hat = “he”. It could also be a “she” of course ;).


This is a beanie I crocheted myself. I can’t help it – I love this picture!


The Ideas!-Hat

(I would imagine a crazy colorstriped one with pompoms and earflaps…)

medium_3295245932Oh my, this is a really crazy and wild hat. He does not bother to ask when to appear and  – woosh! – you forget everything else. This hat keeps you sketching with lip stick, photographing complete strangers, scribbling notes on bubblegum paper or casting on your 100th new project, just for trying out. His habitat is the whole world but he loves to nestle down at yarn shops, ravelry, knitting blogs, stashes and fairs. There he just jumps at you and throws every other hat away. You see, he is a loner.

  • Common characteristics: obsessive, chaotic, inspiring, happy and depressive, tempting, addictive
  • Common look: crazy hair, starring eyes, red cheeks and uncontrollable laughs combined with sudden throwing methods

photo credit: mollydot via photopin cc


The Pattern-Writing Hat

(a felted top-hat)

medium_8463659962Bringing everything to paper, this is the hat which wears very well but keeps sliding down to your nose – reminding you that you could have knitted him better. He is all about remembering and writing it down for future comprehensibility. Therefore he must work in steps and in order. You see, the Ideas!-Hat and the Pattern-Writing Hat do not understand each other very well…

He is a bit of a perfectionist and a warrior, constantly fighting against his office software, wording, abbreviations and – grammar. This is also a very curious hat because by reading other patterns (that’s why my knitting library is growing on a daily pursuit) he strives to get the best he can be (he is also a bit selfabsorbed :)).

  • Common characteristics: concentrated, precise, orderly
  • Common look: raising eyebrows at anything, Spock, fingers on keyboard

photo credit: PhotoAtelier via photopin cc


The Producer Hat

(a beanie with lovely flower pattern stitched on)

medium_5390064458This is really a cheery fellow hat! This is the one taking the right needles, doing all the finger work, the tester, the doer, the translator. Closely listening to all the other hats, he is transforming ideas and patterns into real end product work. Empathetic and good-natured, he loves to see the slow progress and the completion of a design.

  • Common characteristics: open-minded, busy, patient, loving-the-moment
  • Common look: well-balanced, fingers moving, mostly sitting

photo credit: Coolich Beanies via photopin cc


The Publisher Hat

(a trilby)

medium_4324708949This is a most astonishing hat. The one who must think about strategies, marketing, social networking, branding. Writing commercials. Taking photos. This hat is very official and purposeful. Even more, he loves to connect and get connected. Start a chat with him and you will leave with an impression of friendliness, respect and sure-I-will-buy-this. He has charm. He keeps record of all the ads and when a pattern release is best established – and where. He is good friend with the Pattern-Writing Hat and interviews all the others for best information. And he is good in using the right infos at the right time…

  • Common characteristics: focused, planner, leader, sponge
  • Common look: stylish, selfconscious with head held high

photo credit: Very Quiet via photopin cc


The Tech-Editor Hat

(any kind of  classic and most intriguing rib, brioche or aran hat)

medium_3307211073This hat is a brother of the Pattern-Writing Hat. He is focused on extensively checking, rewriting, charting and sometimes layouting. Also sizing and quality assurance of the whole package may be in his box of goodies. He is good in maths and numbers, simplifying and recognizing repetitions. He is the one everybody loves because he helps to make the pattern the best it can be. He has always the reader in mind!

  • Common characteristics: painstaking, curious, always the whole picture in mind
  • Common look: neat, jeans, notebook, printer and pencils in reach, has a little talisman on his table (a sheep, obviously)

photo credit: unertlkm via photopin cc


These are my lovely hats. And I keep changing them every minute I am designing! Sometimes I must concentrate on one role. I just think of the hat I should be wearing – this makes it so much easier! I would love to outsource the Tech-Editor Hat someday – we will see…

What about your hats? What additional hats can you imagine? Which one do you love best? I am so curious… that’s the Publisher Hat asking ;)!

Which two hats do you like best ;)?

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