Ah, the whole day I was listening to music. I had a good day. I was relaxed. Totally relaxed. So I started writing a song. Lyrics, of course. These words were the result.


You have seen the milk in the night

Splashes of my flesh

your flesh

How does it taste

my life my love

You leave me tight


It’s so clear, you are spinning me.


Oh, and this is Stephanie Dosen, to knitters known as tiny owl knits. Just had to share this song because I think she is amazingly creative. The creativity flows out of her skin. She lives a creative life. And I am so happy that she is a knitter, too ;).





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  1. ekaterin4luv 4. June 2014 at 21:34 #

    Oh my, you were certainly creative today :-) Love it

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