Learning by Running Around

Dear learners,

I embrace any chance of learning. Anywhere. Learning is the source, the origin, the food of my creativity.


I love exploring textures and colors :).

How do I learn? Furthermore, what is that, learning?

My personal definition: Learning is achieving a new level of knowledge. Everbody has its very own way of learning. I cannot learn a poem by heart without speaking it loud (activating my sense of hearing) and moving, walking in circles, mostly.  At the same time. Funny. Imagine me walking through my school time – I walked miles of circles in my room! Hey, much better than sitting the whole day in front of a screen :). Which I am doing right now…

I seem to be a learner mostly supported by my tactile and hearing senses. Seeing helps, too. But the best of all is: doing.

Just a very short excursion to typical learning styles (there are a lot of scientific analysises about learning. Try google – the number of articles is overwhelming: 101.000.000 results for “learning styles” today!)

  • Perhaps you need to see images and pictures (Pinterest is your heaven – you see a scene, an object, a picture and everything you heard about it comes into your mind? You are a visual learner).
  • Or you need to hear sounds or music (Imagine yourself singing certain melodies when charting or knitting – is that you :)? Audial learner.).
  • Writing everything down or speaking it out loud helps you remembering things (Duh. That is why I am constantly talking – verbal learner.).
  • No chance to remember anything without using your hands, touching it or moving around – doing it! (Aaah, welcome friend! Physical learner).
  • If you are all about argueing, discussing, logical analysis, you are a mathematical learner (Hence why I cannot remember anything which seems to be illogical, sad enough).
  • You need another person/a group and learn by reflecting and interacting (social learner: you need a knitting group. You need it. Go and initiate one).
  • Alone in your room and everything is right? Space for solitude and concentration… (solitary learner).


Sifting through knitting patterns, other books and my favorite yarns is always inspiring!

We all are more or less a mixture of all these styles.

Know how you learn best and dwell on it.  This is the best way to find your personal way to joyful creativity! Use it for designing!

So how can you use your personal learning style for designing?

I will tell you some things about me using learning as an infinite support of designing.

What is designing? For me, it is creating something new  and unique – a combination of function and beauty (which is in the eye of the beholder – agreed). But where does this “new” and “unique” come from? It is a magical birth of input through my senses and putting it into a complete different setting. An arrangement of patterns. How do I find this “setting”? How do I connect input and and setting? Here are some things I do.

First, I look out for visual, verbal, audial inspiration, inspiration of taste, smell and touch. I activate all my senses and use them to find everything that is really beautiful to me. Sometimes it is a leaf on the ground. The colors of an incredible sunset. A story I read to my children. An email of a good friend. A quote. A weird shape. That is my input and I try to make it available for future research: I take a photo, make a note, write it into a journal. Cut it out. Write on it. Paint it.

Then I associate. I let my braincells run free. I think about leaf – lace – holes – autumn – warm – no holes – redbrown – shawl – Marilla.


These mitts are inspired be the lying eight – the symbol for eternity.

I remember. All that I have learned. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s garter stitch explorations. Short rows. Casting on and binding off. I add it to my input and paint chaotic circles and arrows. I underline. I color it.

I do research: finding the best methods for my personal project – for example Fleegle’s short row turn. Reading about it is just – insufficient. So I try it out on a swatch. Add swatch to input. I take a knitting course. I reread things I have already learned but seem to have forgotten. My knitting library takes so much space that my husband thinks our living room is no longer a living room but my knitting library store. Luckily, we do have a very comfy couch.

I knit. I frog. I reknit. I frog. I knit. Oh yes, doing it all over several times helps me learning  how shapes and colors and methods beautifully work together (or not). Again, the physically learning aspect combined with visual help.


Talking about shapes and patterns… Great inspiration for … What do you think?

And at last, I write everything down so that another knitter may understand and learn. This is the most difficult act at all.  This part is all about getting social. Because you MUST have someone who tells you what big mistakes you make. You need a knitting group. Test knitters. Knitterly friends. Friends who can tell you the absolute truth about your bad, bad instructions – learning is also about exploring your own failures and problems. In case, you want to get better.

Think about the one thing you have never forgotten and how you have learned it. Share it with us! Let us help each other learn :).

Hugs to you all amazing creative learners out there,




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