guidelines for P&N blog

What do we do?

We blog about special topics.

  • Every month, we start a new special topic and we write posts relating to it. You are free to join or to wait for a more interesting topic. – And you may initiate a new topic, of course. Mail me. I will introduce the suggested topics in order of appearance. If there is no topic, I will choose one.
  •  I start a new topic by announcing it privately by email two weeks before the appointed date so that everyone has enough time for thinking it over and drafting. After that I’ll announce it publicly a few days before its appointed date! And on and after the appointed date, you can write as much posts as you like. Please check if any other blogger has published a post this day – let us have only one post a day (that will make it easier for our readers to follow).
  • Oh, and please tag your posts!
  • One topic may be our do-good-alongs.
  • We talk about creativity and what makes you creative. How do you boost your creative workflow? What happens if you are overwhelmed by your ideas? Where do you get them? Do you have a 10-year-plan for your creative business? Why did you start a business? These are some of the questions we may answer here.
  • Use your posts to react to other designers’ posts. Leave the comments for the blog readers and your replies to them.
  • Do not write a book. Just a chapter. I won’t count your words :).

yarnballlace-450pxWe answer blog readers’ questions.

Blog readers may ask questions in the comments. It is your choice to answer them in the comments or to answer interesting recurring questions in your next blog post.

We work together on special projects.

You should share texts and photos about your special pieces of art, showing your own individual interpretation, adjustments, corrections. We love to see YOU in your projects. We love to explore each other’s creativity!

We keep our focus in mind.

This is an artist | designer blog and focused on all topics around designing and creativity. It is not a shop. Please keep the blog free of advertising (mentioning something is not advertising as opposed to constantly linking to your own shop)! You can add a link to your shop in your profile which is visible below every blog post. Company names on photos are allowed, of course – identification is important on the web :).

Do not replace posting by just linking to your own blog.

As we move forward with the blog, we will achieve a collection, a kaleidoscope of artist | designer opinions, attitudes, creative working processes and creative-alongs. This way, readers will explore it more easily!

We share ideas.

Ideas have no copyright. But by agreeing to participate in the P&N blog you accept that an idea mentioned is something special and worthy to the idea-owner. So please ask before you use this idea.

knitting-450pxWe accept each others opinions.

There are as many opinions out there as people living. At least. This pool of opinions and individuality is one of the roots of creativity. So let us not limit it.

We share time and words and heart- and soulwork here.

Please be friendly to each other. If there is a problem, discuss it with the person directly and privately. You may contact me for help if you want.