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Please donate and help bring P&N community right before your trembling hands and wishful eyes! Yeah, you know what P&N community will be about, don’t you? But just to remind you: This will be something different.

Ideas do not remain silent any longer.
P&N supports you in being creative and getting your ideas pop out of the crowd. Simply.
Leaf molders.
Ideas get lost.
Don't let YOUR ideas molder. P&N is still growing and you can be a part of it.
P&N is about catching and boosting ideas. In a team.
Designers and artists, you rock. Find your soul-mate partners here, team up and create together. We are still working on building this functionalities for you! But you can already join our creative designer partner blog - the P&N blog - here!

S E A R C H .   T E A M   U P .

At P&N community you will all be able to find each other for a cup of tea and cake. And for interdisciplinary designing/creating. Meet your perfect soul-mate partners in Japan and Chile. Build a group.

Book project time for your shared partner blogs. YOU can decide if your fantastic co-designer in Japan can see what you have just posted. Or your gifted test-knitter in Denmark. Or both. Or furthermore anyone who is able to handle his internet browser. You blog about anything you want. Inspirations. Ideas swapping. Project progress.


C R E A T E   T O G E T H E R .

Use an unique idea pinboard to swap ideas. Address them. Get them back for further imaginations. Build an idea landscape – involving every aspect of what your idea will be and where it will lead you and your team to. Make a commitment with your fellow-partners supported by a guideline for partnership issues (you know, everything worth fighting about: copyright, termination provisions, financial aspects, intensity of cooperation).

Use this as marketing. Link to your shop/gallery. Show your ways of being creative. Use the finished /arts gallery to promote your international interdisciplinary exceptional result of your liaison.

That’s it. And you would make me smile like a Cheshire Cat. Because I love this idea! Your donation will enter the lottery after I have reached my fundraising goal. Thank you for your patience reading all this fiddle-faddle…

Happy crafting and simply be creative! HUGS.




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A free birdie knitting chart. You enter the lottery for two out of 20 yarn skeins from my beautiful stash!
Additional: you get free access to all of my patterns on ravelry/craftsy! And a hand-made jam for you sweetie.
Additional: you get the chance to win a free project time for six months!
Additional: you will get one of my patterns knitted by me for you. With your yarn of choice. Free.
Additional: instead of getting a already published pattern you will get a brand-new pattern designed from me for you. You can choose the name. You can choose the color. You can be specific or get a surprise! You get the knitted item and the pattern for free and you may use it commercially - just do not leave out my name :).