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While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die – whether it is our spirit, our creativity or our glorious uniqueness.
Gilda Radner

My lovely hats

Dear readers, roles in my designer life – there are quite a lot. I imagine them as different hats that I put on for switching myself into and out of different roles – it is hard to concentrate on doing a specific work when you constantly see at it from different angles at the same […]

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We are late and we are sorry.

Dear designers, crafters, artists and friends! I am very very sorry. We are late. The new topic was announced to being published this week and the only excuse I can tell you is: I was  v e r y  busy. You may have noticed a change in my sidebar on my home page… I am […]

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Next P&N serie: Roles in our designer life

A new month and a new topic… This is a topic you all may be interested in – I was overwhelmed by it when I thoroughly thought it through. It is something we tend to underestimate in the beginning of designing and we soon grow to be afraid of (but there is help!): “I thought […]

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Deliver Function. Deliver Beauty.

My advice for anyone wanting to design. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until you are better or more experienced. Start now.   Play with your knitting. Let yourself have the freedom and room to make mistakes. Challenge yourself to learn new stitch patterns, find yourself a stitch dictionary, or three and see what stirs you. There […]

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Learning by Running Around

Dear learners, I embrace any chance of learning. Anywhere. Learning is the source, the origin, the food of my creativity. I love exploring textures and colors :). How do I learn? Furthermore, what is that, learning? My personal definition: Learning is achieving a new level of knowledge. Everbody has its very own way of learning. […]

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Next P&N serie: Learning how to keep on learning…

Dear readers, a happy New Year! This could be a Year of Change. I wish you all ideas, ideas, ideas. Curiosity. And foremost joy in creating beautiful unique things. It is so wonderful to see something come into being out of a meager hunch. Please delve into that and make your 2014 a Year of […]

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What is design? What is art? Your opinion, please!

Reading Shelly’s post reminded me of something else… What is designing? What is art? Is there a strict line between them or does it depend on the point of view of the person? Do you know philosophical and social definitions you agree with – or you disagree with? I’ll give you a short summary/quote of […]

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Pattern Design…an Excuse to Slow Down and Pay Attention to the Details

My entrance into knitwear pattern design was a mixture of inquisitiveness and necessity.  I hand dye yarn and fiber for my small company, Snow Capped Yarns.  Last December I had 3 new colorways coming out for a winter release and I felt that it was time to show off the yarn in something beyond a […]

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I am finally coming home.

It is cold outside and I am snuggling into my warm blanket, my mac on my lap. Guys, what is it I should be writing about? Why I design and how I finally got there? This includes some serious personal insights which I am about to share with you. Just keep this in mind when […]

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Let us start with … our first P&N serie!

Time has come to start blogging, dear friends. On December 6th, 2013 the P&N blog opens its doors to all creative fans! Designers and artists are not born as excellent knitters, as congenial painters or great color-experts. Or are they?! We will soon know. Annie, Shelly and me will tell you why we design, how […]

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