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Creativity is contagious, pass it on.
Albert Einstein

P I N S   A N D   N E E D L E S

[a pricking tingling sensation in a limb growing numb or recovering from numbness]



P&N’s roots

In summer 2012, I had pins and needles. I was really recovering from numbness of mind. Knitting and designing became a passion. My neighbor peered at my busy knitting hands and complained: “I have so many ideas. But I can’t get them to work, I can’t do needlework!” She is right. It is a pity that so much creativity is in our heads and that it stays there. Because some ideas can only be put into practice as a team.

A team. My head did not explode although my brain cells did: What about bringing all designers and artists together at one place where they could find their perfect soul-mate and enhance creativity to a brand-new level?



P&N today

Hiya, designers! P&N is still learning to walk, but is already the perfect place to chat and share ideas in a shared designer | artist blog – the P&N blog.

Let’s talk about our way of creative thinking, inspirations, our very special ideas we want to share with each other! And let’s participate in helping our blog readers explore their own creativity.

And last but not least: We can do something to make our world a better place – a creative, vivid, joyful, meaningful world. Join in our interdisciplinary create-alongs with donating backgrounds – our do-good-alongs! Participate and initiate together.

Interested? You can apply for the P&N blog HERE. And scroll down. Look right. Here they are – our P&N blog guidelines.



P&N’s future – what on earth is P&N community about?

S E A R C H .  T E A M   U P .  C R E A T E   T O G E T H E R .

Are you

  • a designer/artist with the (un)serious devotion to exploring undiscovered countries?
  • a fan of all kinds of crafts and do you yearn to learn more about how designers and artists create?
  • a crafter who adores new designs, loves art and likes to test or create along?

P&N community will be a community site for you – those who cannot get enough of being creative and seeing others being creative!

How will this work?

  • Designers | artists and testers can post profiles.
  • Find your perfect soul-mate partner in Kambodscha and come together in creative partnerships. Work interdisciplinary if desired. Develop innovative outstanding designs | art together.
  • On shared project blogs. You’ve read right! PARTNER PROJECT BLOGS. And YOU can decide who can see what you post – your partners, all P&N members or all blog-readers!
  • Pin your ideas on a idea pinboard and address it to a fellow partner. Get feedback and play ping-pong. Finalize your idea.
  • Build an idea landscape.
  • And finally close a contract. With every help you can imagine for that.

You can kill quite a few birds with one stone:

  1. Create/see the genesis of something new.
  2. Show your gorgeous art | designs and patterns (link to your shop)!
  3. Learn more about (other) artists | designers and their way of creativity.
  4. Follow your favorite artist | designer(-friend).
  5. Extend your social network as designer | artist |test crafter!

Put your needles, pins, patterns, brushes and creative tools down. Just for a moment –  I would not dare to bother you any longer – write down your mail and push “Yes, I want to be notified when P&N community goes online!”

And furthermore … 

Support P&N community and get real hugs! I will hug you. Really. With one of my designs knitted just for your. Read on HERE.


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