you are not lost.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
Maya Angelou

Hello hello!

I am taking a break here… I have felt that a change should take place here. As I were in need of growing myself and my vision – and concentrating on my creative potential – I had a vision of a blog which would support me with a much more focussed appearance and layout. Without anything that could distract me from my path.

I know there will be the right time and the right place out there for placing my awesome designer/artist cooperation community idea. It may not be now. But I will keep my senses open for it!

All my old YeARN blog posts have been transferred there, so there is nothing lost. You are not lost.

Follow this link. You are dearly invited to explore my new blog on!

Feel free to browse the P&N blog series here!


Hugs and love and please stay in contact,





p&n supports you in being creative. Simply.

Imagine a …

  • “dating service” for designers and artists ,
  • team blogging,
  • intelligent gallery, tagging and search,
  • pinboard creativity tools*,
  • idea landscaping*
  • workflow feature* and
  • contract support*.

Alright? That’s it. You have marketing, creative process, new ideas, new partnerships and legal support on one platform. Need more? Contact me.

This is still in progress. Your possibility to play a major role! That’s so fun! Support me bringing this amazing idea into reality. I will hug you for that. Really.